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For the large volume processing of banknote, MA is offering the all-new Multi Currency Discrimination Counter NC5100, configured to match the specifications of your cash processing operation thereby ensuring a smooth integration and high efficiency.
With heavy duty construction and comprehensive design, NC5100 features sophisticated image processing technology, providing a credible solution to all sorting operations: Piece Count, Denomination Count, and Serial Number Count. Exemplifying superior high speed counting and multiple currencies processing, the all-in-one compact NC5100 makes all the tedious operations a snap.
Equipped with full-line sensor, NC5100 can accurately analyze the properties of each note to truly minimize the risk of accepting counterfeit banknotes, intended to create a more robust approach while managing the cash.
NC5100 adopts our redesigned MA 2nd generation platform, which is one of the first to introduce self-service systems. It has been designed with the maximum flexibility for software, sensor, and interface selection, allowing operators to handle these functions by themselves, without any consuming tasks involvement. It is easy to learn and use, operators are no longer faced with a complicated platform. Instead, the flow of data can be easily tracked through computers, ensuring smoothly integration with the cash processing procedure.
It is certain to optimize the cash processing efficiency without any erroneous flaws. With the very low jam rate and precise operation, NC5100 is as durable as it is reliable. Guarantee to exceed your expectation with its excellent performance!
  • All-in-One -- Provide tailored solutions to all sorting operations-3 modes of discrimination: Piece Count, Denomination Count, and Serial Number Count. The adjustable speed allows much more flexible for different sorting processing.
  • Accurate -- Utilize impressive image processing technology, the NC5100 is capable of superior high speed counting and processing multiple currencies separately on a single machine without restrictions.
  • Efficient -- Has a reject pocket for separation of counterfeit banknotes without interrupting the count, which saves tedious times normally spent.
  • Highly Receptive -- Handles every type of note, from new and folded, to old and limp.
  • Flexible -- MA 2nd generation platform provides the maximum flexibility for software, sensor and user interface selection, bringing the speediest currencies adoption.
  • Comprehensive Functions -- Can be connected to printer; operator can print out serial numbers or all vital operating results of the processed banknotes.
  • User Friendly -- The sleek and ergonomic design equipped with large LCD display, which shows all kind of information simultaneously and provides convenient graphic user interface. Operators are able to apprehend quickly.
  • Easy maintenance -- Easy jam removing, you can clear note path with easy access even without standing.
  • Durable and Reliable -- Whole equipment designed and produced in Taiwan, sensors from Japan and US, all components lead-free and meeting ROHS standard. We are especially renowned for our effective and long-lasting products.
Feed System Roller friction system
Counterfeit Detection IR, MG, MT, UV, CIS
Counting Speed
Piece Count 1500 notes/min.
Denomination Count 1200 notes/min.
Serial number count 1200 notes/min.
Available Currencies USD, EUR, GBP, LOCAL (OPTION)
Denomination Detection Contact Image Sensor.
Hopper Capacity 500 notes (circulated notes)
Pocket Capacity
Main Pocket Capacity 250 notes (circulated notes)
Reject Pocket Capacity Max. 100 notes (circulated notes)
Countable Note Size 60 X 85 X 0.08mm ~ 100 X 190 X 0.12mm
Display 3.5 Inch color TFT
Power supply 100 ~ 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Max. 150W
Dimensions(mm) 330(W) X 330 (D) X 350 (H)
Weight Approx. 15Kg
Options Remote Display
Thermal Printer

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